Lovin’ Yourself in 2012

One of the best resolutions everyone should make is to love themselves. No, not in a conceited way… in a gentle, friendly, “you’re okay” way.  We are our own worst enemies, sometimes.  We berate ourselves for months on end about silly things.  If our friends did even half of what we did we wouldn’t berate them. We’d be all over them trying to make them feel better, encouraging them to have another go… we’d be their cheer leader!  What do we do when we make one tiny mistake?  We curse ourselves and decide as losers we are lost causes.

I want you to keep in mind that it is okay to make mistakes.  If you are human and you are still alive, this means you still have plenty more mistakes you are required to make yet.  Why?  Because as humans on this planet, our destiny is to grow and we do that by learning, and we learn best from our mistakes… Tough lessons are never forgotten, right?

Unless you accidentally blow up the planet, most mistakes you make are growth opportunities… lessons you have yet to learn.  Keep it in perspective.  Ask yourself if your very best friend made that mistake, would you berate them and determine to make the next 12 months of their life miserable because of it? Or would you forgive and help them move on?  So why can’t you do that for yourself?  Who determined you were such a rotten soul that you didn’t deserve that same consideration when/if making the very same mistake?  Looking at it in that light, can you see how unfair you are when you treat yourself differently? There are people who’ve made worse mistakes than you, who have already been forgiven and moving on with their lives.

Did you lose your firm’s most valuable client?  That’s unfortunate, but you haven’t blown up the world, the sun is still going to rise tomorrow, and the world is full of potentially valuable clients… besides, if your firm put so much store by just one client in that manner, then they need a few lessons in business.

Did you forget your routine on stage and mess up and lose the crown?  Again… this is not life and death and besides, is this the very last opportunity in the world, ever, for you to try again? 

Did you betray a friend and now they won’t speak to you?  Well, the world is still here… ever heard of using the phone, calling and saying sorry?  Will the world cave in if you have to admit all guilt and say a heartfelt sorry? 

Did you prang your partner’s brand new expensive sports car and they haven’t gotten around to getting it insured yet?  Ouch!  But look!  I’m still here!  So are you!  It isn’t the end of the world. It’s just a car and I don’t care how expensive it is. Get it fixed and be more careful next time… and I’m sure you will after learning this valuable lesson!

In 2012 and beyond, keep things in perspective and be your own best friend. Don’t drag out self-inflicted punishments, which really don’t help anyone. The person you were when you made your mistake is always a different person to the person you are after the event, and this is the same regardless of age, experience, or how bad the mistake was.  We are always affected by our mistakes… some just hide it better than others… and some have learned one of life’s hardest but most valuable lessons… self forgiveness

Start each day looking at yourself in the mirror. Look yourself right in the eye and say “I love you… warts and all!”

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