Why You Need to Smile and How To Do It Right

Whether you are a pageant girl or not, learning how to smile naturally will bring you myriad benefits among which include:


  • Smiling improves your health and lowers stress levels
  • It makes you appear more attractive to others – physically and non-physically
  • You can influence the moods of others, lifting them up with one of your smiles.
  • Smiling also influences your own mood.  Smiling lifts your own spirits too.
  • Smiling is an immune system booster!  Didn’t know that, did you!
  • Smiling also lowers your blood pressure.
  • Smiling releases endorphins into the system … nature’s own painkillers.
  • Smiling helps you to stay positive even when things are getting you down.
  • Smiling can help you on the road to success as you are perceived as being more confident.
  • You make friends more easily as you appear friendlier and approachable.

Something about smiling tricks the body into thinking it is happier… try it.  You may feel silly but it’s a test that costs you nothing and the benefits far outweigh any momentary silliness you may feel.

Now, for those who are smiling for judges or cameras, or whose smile must appear sincere and natural for whatever reason, here are some tips, because there is nothing worse than a forced smile. A forced smile is fake and is obvious to everyone observing it.  You don’t win points with a fake smile!

  • Stand in front of a mirror and smile.  What do you see?  Does it look believable?
  • Think of something that makes you happy… a past memory that always makes you feel good and feel like smiling, or something funny that  will bring a smile to your face… Now smile.
  • Try different types of smiles – which ones look natural?  Practice those while still looking in the mirror and remember what you are doing to produce that smile so you can do it when there are no mirrors around to help you!
  • Hint:  smile with the eyes!  A smile isn’t just a movement of the lips.  A real smile involves the eyes… the expression in your eyes must match the smile on your lips.  Think of laugh lines… your cheeks rise when you smile naturally, crinkling your eyes.  Try it in the mirror.

A smile involves the cooperation of many of your facial features.  If your mouth is the only thing “smiling” then you will appear fake and people will not trust you. A fake smile is like a limp handshake.

And remember, if you meet somebody sour and grumpy who is not smiling, give him one of yours!

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