All Work and No Play…

 If you’ve ever spent any time with a Life Coach, you will be familiar with the term work-life balance.  This balance doesn’t just apply to busy career people, however, and can and should be considered by everybody who wants to enjoy a successful life.  It is equally important for a student or a housewife as it is for a busy career executive. 

The significance of balance for pageant contestants is the same as it is for any sports person.  While you obviously must and do spend considerable time practicing and competing in your chosen field, too much emphasis on one activity to the expense of everything else in life is unhealthy. Just like all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, too much focus on one area of life can make you dull.  You need a healthy balance of time spent between your personal hobbies, with school or work, family time, community time, etc.

A well rounded person who enjoys balance in their life suffers less stress and is better equipped to handle competitive environments. The diversity they enjoy extends to other areas of their life, allowing them to relate to others and be of interest to a wider cross section of people they meet. They will be more knowledgeable on more subjects and be able to speak on a variety of topics.  Their own enthusiasm for life will be greater because they are participating in an interesting array of activities and not just narrowing themselves to one or two.

What this means for a pageant contestant is they will be better equipped to speak knowledgably on interesting subjects in interviews and their wider knowledge and experience will appeal to a wider audience.  By exploring different activities and hobbies not only do you broaden your own horizons, but you enhance your own life experience by discovering new talents and interests and topics of conversation. This will also produce a great resume!

Having said that, don’t just throw yourself into other activities in order to find more things to make your resume look great. Experience different things to please yourself. You must enjoy the activities you participate in and do them because you want to do them, not because somebody else wants you to.

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