How To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone (or Baby Steps to Freedom!)

Very few people are comfortable with change and even more uncomfortable with doing things with which they are not 100% confident in their ability and there is an element of fear involved. But it is important to step out of your comfort zone from time to time in order to grow and experience more in your life AND to achieve success!

No CEO ever made it to that level by thinking safe and small and never applying for a job the next level up!  No Beauty Queen ever won a crown who was not prepared to push herself, extend herself and stretch herself beyond her present level.

Here are some tips to help you step out of your comfort zone:

  • Keep things in perspective.  You don’t have to jump out of a plane, or face anything life threatening; you just have to start to do things a little bit differently.
  • Start with baby steps – simple things like drive a different route to work; part your hair on the other side; change your ear-rings or your outfit.
  • Volunteer – in or out of the office.
  • Liven up your work space with your own personality – dare to bring YOU into your office space!  A family photo… a plant… a favorite ornament.
  • Take up a new hobby, something you enjoy and have maybe always wanted to try but for whatever reason you haven’t yet.
  • Look at your special skills and abilities.  What talent do you have that you could use at work and are not using now? Maybe you are good at writing?  Why not offer to help write the company newsletter?  Not only will you gain experience and add to your resume, you will attract the right kind of attention from your employer.
  • Branch out from that… are there jobs you’d rather be doing?  Why not speak to your boss and see if there is any way he can help you move into the next phase of your career.

Start small and work your way up and before you know it you will be outside your comfort zone and you will feel perfectly comfortable!


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