On Being Recognized

Whether you are a pageant contestant or a self employed entrepreneur, if you want success in a competitive world, you need to market yourself.  You are your own business!

Let’s focus on Pageants for now.  Why would you want to advertise yourself?  Several reasons, some of which are:

  • As a pageant contestant you will be seeking sponsors.  Sponsors don’t want to waste their money and rarely show interest in unknowns. On the other hand, if you are a local celebrity in your community, they will be happy to tie their name with yours and offer sponsorship.
  • Fans.  You want support, right?  You want fans and supporters who will help you when you need it, and who will cast votes for you.  You need to be known to these people somehow.
  • Opportunities.  As a pageant girl you will want opportunities to get more publicity and help you reach your goals.  If nobody knows about you, how are you going to be offered such opportunities?
  • Your charity work.  The best way to drum up more support for your charity work is to publicize it and yourself.

Those are the most important reasons for publicity.

How do you do it?  Here are some tips 

  • Every time you do charity work or a public appearance in your capacity of Miss Pageant, contact all your local newspapers and offer them the story, the full details and if they cannot attend to take photographs, make sure you have somebody take quality photographs that you can send to the paper. 
  • Ditto local radio and community TV.  Ultimately, you want as many media organizations knowing about your activities as you can – as it is tied in with charity and good works, you will find it relatively easy to get free coverage.  Send a press release to newspaper, TV and Radio stations. You can get free templates off the internet that includes guidelines on how to set out a press release.
  • Social Media.  If you don’t already, you should have your own professional Facebook page, twitter account and to a lesser extent for a pageant person, a LinkedIn account.  There are other social media sites too, and you are free to join as many as you want, but the 2 leading ones you definitely must have are Facebook and Twitter.  Then you can post links to your news items and keep your followers up to date with your appearances, ask them to vote for you, to see you at such and such place, etc.  You can also publicly thank your sponsors – who will be happy to continue their sponsorship when they see how much free publicity you can provide them!
  • Do you write or do good interviews?  Contact the various pageant blog owners and ask them if they would like an article from you or if the would like to interview you.  They are always looking for interesting articles for their blogs and websites and this provides you with even more free publicity.
  • Website and/or Blog.  You only need a small website that houses information about you, the charity you support, photos, AND maybe a blog.  A blog is a great way to keep your supporters and fans informed about what you are doing, your charity, and pageants in general.  You can also use your blog as a way to promote those who sponsor you!  Blogging is free and you only need to promote the link to your weekly blog to your social media sites.

The moment you win any crown, you should be contacting your local media and letting them know and giving them a photo.  The more publicity you can get yourself, the easier it will be to build support, etc.

Put it this way… if Angelina Jolie was not the famous celebrity she was, do you think, she as a nobody could generate the same support and interest in her charitable works?  A little “fame” can go a long way!

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